Bernie met with President Higgins


Bernie met President Higgins on his recent visit to Peru.

Bernie writes:

” the photo was taken by  Fr Joe McCarthy from Bantry……The President visited the Society of St. James house in Barranco,Lima it was taken in their garden on Feb 8th. He spoke very simply of the men and woman religious and their work among the poor and excluded of the different barrios.

The following day the Irish here had an occasion to hear the president speak of Roger Casement. Yes!! it was fascinating for me, as in the community we are 4 nationalities, Perú,Colombia ,Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ireland!! Roger Casement working for the British Government , made 2 trips to Amazonia,north of Peru in the early 20th century and also visited the Congo. In both places the rubber ‘índustry’ was present with foreign companies (well the colonizers) and Casement saw the exploitation ,the suffering ,the cruelty …and even in those years he spoke and wrote of the human rights of these peoples.

President Higgins gave an inspiring and necessary presentation and well some day I will share it with you. That evening was more formal but with the presence of embassadors and of a good group of Irish living in Lima! “
Thank you, Bernie!