New General Team 2022

Pilar-Bernie-Nathalie-Luz Myriam- Dominique

Nathalie Lafforgue: I am a discreet, persevering, cheerful person, attentive to others. My favourite relaxation: walking. One of my most beautiful experiences: the road to Santiago de Compostela and reaching Fisterra.
On the day of my election as Superior General, the words of Father Pernet “My God, what do you want me to do?” echoed particularly in me. I thank the Lord for his trust and that of the congregation. Jesus the Servant and Saviour is there, at my side day after day. “In the heavens, on the earth, in the ocean, in the depths, Yahweh’s will is sovereign.” (Ps. 135)

Dominique Fuchs: If I were a time of day, it would be the morning, that’s when I feel most operational and effective! If I were a colour, it would be green, for creation, hope; it is also the colour of paradise for our Muslim sisters and brothers! If I were a Gospel character, I would be a companion of Emmaus, for the road we travel together, the surprise and joy of the encounter with Christ.

Luz Miryam: My origins are in Colombia, but meeting and loving other people teaches me every day to push the limits of my own borders. I love colours and shapes -those that appear naturally, simply. I rejoice in the everyday and am amazed by the images Jesus uses to speak of the Kingdom. I know that everything comes in time and this always surprises me. “Whether we are asleep or awake, whether by day or by night, the seed sprouts and grows without our knowing how.”

Bernie O’Donovan : I’m Irish ,but after living in Peru and in an intercultural community I live beyond the boundaries of nationality and listen to the cry of today’s world to live in peace and solidarity ,to consciously live the ‘we’ of relationship, united in the love of Jesus Christ and of the good news.

Pilar Trillo: I took my first vows in 1999, year of the first 100th anniversary of Father Pernet’s death. From the very first day I fell in love with these words “may your actions speak Jesus Christ”. Each time I’m sent in mission, including the one starting now, I can hear the Lord telling me, like he said to Moses who was surprised by a mission he thought was too vast: “I myself will go with you, and I will give you rest” (Ex 33;14)