150 years celebration, Bohermore

On December 8th 2015 a Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated in the Community Hall, Bohermore.

It was held in thanksgiving for the goodness of the local people of the area to all the Little Sisters who lived and worked in Bohermore during the past 37 years.

It was a community event in the simple setting of the hall and all were welcome, neighbours, friends , co-workers and the people from the surrounding streets.

Father Ned Crosby was the celebrant, in his homily he reminded us that we are sources of light and we need to be one with each other.

He encouraged us to say Saint Francis’ prayer for peace everyday because we need to be at peace with ourselves and our neighbours.

At the Offertory 2 stories were presented, recounting  the story of the journey to God, we were asked to present ourselves, each one story is unique.

A list of the names of all the sisters who worked here was put on the altar.

A blank book for the story yet to be written was included.  At the offering of bread and wine we were reminded that Jesus offered himself for us  and asks us to follow in

in His footsteps by loving God and each other.

At the end of Mass some 6-8 year old girls and boys did an action song, the Circle of Friends.

Local people performed the music and singing and created a great atmosphere.

There was tea, sandwiches, cake and chat after the Mass, with old friends meeting and renewing contact.

 Margaret McFadden LSA organised the celebration, assisted by local people, they decorated the hall, made sandwiches and cakes and made sure everyone was welcomed

and felt part of the occasion.IMG_0182IMG_0158IMG_0159Scan0020