Pre Chapter Assembly Portarlington October 2016

Mount St Anne’s was the venue for our pre Chapter Assembly, October 16th to 22nd.

Our themes included Mission and Ministry, Health Care, Structures, Justice, peace and the integrity of Creation, Involvement with the Laity, Property and Finance.

We were joined by Anne Thurston, she reflected with us on the Visitation, offering us another view on the meeting between Mary and Elizabeth.

Some thoughts from Anne’s presentation:

Mary set out with haste, her journey had a purpose and meaning, she needed Elizabeth’s re-assurance, we need each other.

Like Mary and Elizabeth we can be strong and vulnerable at the same time.

They met through all their senses, sight, hearing, touch, speech.  Elizabeth named what was happening to Mary, taking away the shame.

Elizabeth’s voice releases Mary’s Magnificat, there is solidarity between the women, they enable one another.