Community Sponsorship Ireland

6 March 2019
Irish Refugee and Migrant Coalition Welcomes Launch of Community Sponsorship Ireland

The Irish Refugee and Migrant Coalition welcomed the launch today of ‘Community Sponsorship Ireland’, the new Government programme that will encourage communities to provide settlement and integration supports to refugees.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Brian Killoran representing the Irish Refugee and Migrant Coalition said, “The new Programme should pave the way for the Irish Government to go well beyond its annual resettlement quotas with support and assistance from local communities who generously donate time, resources and their community spirit to welcome refugees into Irish society.

“The current levels of global forced displacement have been unseen since World War II. It is one of the major challenges of our time and very few nation states are doing enough to support and resettle refugees.

“Community Sponsorship is an innovative way of harnessing the potential of communities to express their support and solidarity with individuals and families fleeing persecution and war in their own countries in a very practical way. Experience in other countries such as Canada and New Zealand has shown this approach to have very positive impacts, not just for refugees but also for the community groups who support them and the broader communities where they come to settle, integrate and live.”

Rachel Doyle, also representing the Irish Refugee and Migrant Coalition, said, “There is no doubting the huge levels of public support for a generous and welcoming response to the refugee crisis. The Irish Refugee and Migrant Coalition have called on our political leaders to respond accordingly. We commend Minister David Stanton and the Department of Justice and Equality for taking the initiative”.

“With the Community Sponsorship Programme in development phase, it is vital that learning from this phase is monitored and positive experiences are used to further shape and expand the programme.”

Full details of the Community Sponsorship Ireland initiative and the application form for communities wishing to apply can be found at