Care of the Earth

There was an annual Day for Religious in Cork on 5th February, organised by Cori.

The theme was Care of the Earth, based on the Pope’s encyclical, Laudato Si.

A group from the SMA congregation in Cork gave a presentation reminding us of our duty to protect our common home, the Earth.

We need to think of how we use our resources, water, heat, light and be aware of our attitude towards pollution and climate change. 

Included in this is our use of cars and everyday things, can we avoid plastic packaging and bottles?

We can decide to purchase local vegetables and fruit, continue recycling cardboard and paper, in Cork it can be converted into insulation for housing.

The SMA congregation has developed a programme  “Thumbs up for Climate Justice” inviting a commitment

to make better choices about energy use and “reduce, re-use, recycle”.  Then, each one’s efforts however small will collectively

make a big impact on reducing the effects of climate change.